Jacopo Papucci is an Italian-English documentary photographer, born in 1995 in Pisa.

“I can still recall when, as a little boy, I would spend hours with my English grandpa in his darkroom. He had to do two years national service in the RAF after the Second World War and would never forget to pack his camera before his travels to both Egypt and South Africa. My childhood summers were spent in Wales, much of the time in that very special place printing old photos and listening to his fascinating stories of sea voyages, pyramids, dirt, heat and homesickness. Dust-caked enlargers, yards and yards of film and the pungent smell of chemicals that were way past their expiry date; these were my faithful summertime companions.”


This was also my first encounter with analog printing which I found spellbinding. A candid sheet of white paper which, after being immersed in a tray of liquid, would come to life, inch by inch. It was love at first sight.   


Despite cultivating an interest in photography and embracing it as a hobby, Jacopo opts to further his education in the medical field and graduates from the Faculty of Medicine in 2018 as a registered nurse. After graduation he decides to get his first working experience in the UK where he stays for two years. Once back in Italy, driven by his creative impulse, he sets his mind on turning photography into a job. In 2020 Jacopo starts collaborating for a photographic studio in Leghorn, a stone’s throw from Pisa, which specializes in shooting weddings and fashion events, but only four months into the experience, he discerns it’s not the path he would like to take.   


After this epiphany, he resolves to harness his creative energy and focus on his artistic research. His pursuit comprises investigating that sense of detachment experienced by mankind in relation to nature, capturing fleeting moments that evoke a twinge of nostalgia, perceived as an aching kind of solitude and melancholy, of seeking solace in the quiet of that aloneness. For Jacopo, attaining this mental and physical state is a way to finding answers to all those empirical questions that afflict us. 

A strong interest for issues such as social disparities, racial discrimination, migratory flows and climate change, lead Jacopo to develop a documentary and photojournalistic approach to his projects. The desire to get in full contact with the cultures and people with whom he works, make Jacopo more oriented towards long-term projects.


- BSc Hons in Nursing Sciences at the University of Medicine and Surgery of Pisa.

- Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at ISFCI

- In September 2021 he participated at “The Documentary Commitment” workshop organized by Magnum Photos and led by the American photographer Matt Black.

- In November 2021 he partecipated at the "Curiosoty in practice" workshop organized by Magnum Photos and led by Jonas Bendiksen.

From 2021 he is represented by Looking For Art Gallery in Milan and Kintzing Agency in London.

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