The idea for “Home by the Sea” was conceived in 2020 and is still an ongoing project.


Jacopo’s childhood backdrops comprised three very distinct marine settings: the stony greyness, and bitter-cold harshness of both the Atlantic Ocean and The Irish Sea; the pristine, pine tree-lined shores of Corsica regaling vistas of infinite blue; last but not least, the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea, whose coastlines offer a feast for the eyes architecturally speaking, as well as a generous scattering of bustling towns.


The way in which the sea has sculpted, moulded and got under the skin of all three of these contexts has triggered a feeling of alienation in Jacopo, a sensation of not really belonging to any of them.


Working completely from scratch, Home by the Sea will be the outcome of Jacopo’s endeavour to explore, observe and discern how the sea and the elements have eroded and shaped both the natural and man-made environments, as well as transforming the lives of the coastal communities themselves.